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How it Works

What's Direct Internship is about?

How We Work

Complete Form Application
Specify your focus, course length and industry. Give us as much information as you can to help us improve you.
Direct Internship Advisor Call
Have up to three advisors calls to make sure your course is a perfect fit.
Offer Outcome
Your advisors will let you know your acceptance on a course and a rundown of our learning expectations.
Initial Payment
An initial 500USD fee will be requested to lock in your place and for visa processing.
Confirmation and Final Payment
Your information pack will be sent to you along with a 'To-Do-List' before you depart as well as a request for the remaining fee.


CV Focus

This is for the candidate that is sure of their destination. We look at your current skills and what you want to do and focus on how to get there. Your learning is dictated by what you need to improve.

Experience Focus

For the candidate that wants practical experience. The majority of your time will be putting into practice what you have learnt - but how much still depends on you!

Cultural Focus

Jakarta and Bali are all about experiencing something new. Combine your internship with some travel time and let us take you to sights both in and around Jakarta and Bali.

Our Methodology

Whatever focus you wish to choose for your course, we will always ensure that your course revolved around experiential learning. But what is experiential learning? It is simply non-traditional learning – think anything you learn outside of a classroom setting. Doing rather that reading about doing. What are the benefits of experiential learning?
Our methodology incorporates the best of both worlds with a structured approach to experiential learning. Your week will consist of 1 day in the ‘classroom’ which will be a co-working space and 4 days of practical experiential learning experience putting what you learn into practice. You will have a mentor and will keep a learning diary to jot down points of interest, difficulties and accomplishments throughout the week to discuss with your mentor the following week.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 payments:
  • A fee of 500 USD will be requested after you are accepted on your internship. This is for visa fees and to lock in your place.
  • The final payment will be the remainder of the fee, due no later than a month before you are set to start your course.
We take the information on the application form and turn it into an itinerary to send you based on your preferences. If you still want to modify the timetable you can, it’s as simple as getting in touch with us!

Our fee covers the following:

  • The internship itself including all tailoring and host company costs
  • Any and all visa costs.
  • At least 3* rental close to the location of your internship for the duration of your internship
  • Pick up and drop off at the airport
  • Goody bag including pen, notepad, development diary and T-shirt
It really depends what you want to do. You can live in Jakarta and Bali for 15USD per day but you would be missing out on a lot. We recommend you bring around 30USD per day to love comfortably and do the things you will want to do.

The visa process is fairly simple. You will be on a cultural visa which requires you to have an invitation letter from us. 

-Travel insurance

-Check with your doctor about the area you are visiting and if you need any vaccinations or medicine.

– Flights and dates. Think about if you want to travel either before or after your internship, there really is no country quite like Indonesia.