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What makes Jakarta so special?

About Jakarta

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Facts about Jakarta

  1. The total land area of Jakarta is around 255 square miles. That is about a 1/3 the size of London.
  2. There are around 10.5 million people living in Jakarta officially, although the number may be much higher.
  3. There are many easy getaways from Jakarta for travellers – one such example is Thousand Islands, a short boat ride away.
  4. Rupiah is the official currency.
  5. Jakarta is located on the island of Java.
  6. Jakarta is an old Dutch colony and still has many colonial era building in the north of the city.
  7. Jakarta is nicknamed the ‘Big Durian’ as it is seen as the Asian equivalent of New York, the Big Apple.
  8. Jakarta has been known by several different names of the centuries, including Jayakarta, Batavia and Djakarta.

This is Jakarta