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Why an Internship overseas?

Gain experience unlike anywhere else

Why Intern Abroad?

Internships provide a practical way to spend your time and money before or during University or at any stage in your professional life. They allow the participants to gain hands-on experience in the sector and job they wish to pursue, while experiencing a different culture.

Gap years are a thing of the past. Global competition has made how you spend your time more important than ever. Why not do something to commit to your industry and show your drive while learning by real-life experiences.

Why Bali?

Bali is synonymous with beautiful beaches, interesting culture and amazing food. But it is so much more. With its wonderful location, Bali has quickly become a hub for digital nomads, financial centers and creative entrepreneurial start-ups.

Part of learning well is having fun – and Bali provides this in spades. On your free days we will run fun trips in and around Bali with your co-participants and show you the very best that this unique island has to offer.

The real question for us is why not Bali?

Why Jakarta?

Jakarta is one of huge megacities of the world. 15 million people live centrally with another 8 million travelling to Jakarta daily for work. It was traditionally a fantastic port city and still retains character from it’s colonial past.

The busy, in your face nature of Jakarta suits a life adventurer willing to take risks and learn to adapt in a new culture quickly. The food, the colours, the sights, the sounds and the way Jakartans do business is unique, experience it for yourself.

Why Direct Internship?

We are specialists. We specialise in learning. We specialise in Indonesia and we specialise in you. Direct Internship was founded in 2016 by a group on professionals living in Indonesia with experience and a passion for learning. This passion translated into giving internees real enrichment to help them succeed in life while also ensuring motivation is kept high and the experience is fun.

We have offices in Bali and Jakarta. We have excellent connections to make sure your experience is tailored and we make it our business to reflect upon your learning so lessons are learnt. We are with you every step of the way from the visa process to your final meal with your team.

With our contacts on the ground, our experience in running educational programmes and our end-to-end management of the learning process, Direct Internship is the only choice for a holistic and tailored course that you will enjoy.


‘I was nervous at first about working abroad, but from the visa to picking me up at the airport and social outings, Direct Skills made it fun and inclusive. Each week on my course was different. I got placed with a large events company working on a corporate outing for 250 people. The best things for me about Direct Skills Internships is the community, the learning and the fun. I really did not want to leave.'
Project Management
I had visited Indonesia before doing my internship but wanted to gain valuable experience to bring back to the UK and Bali was an easy choice. On the first night we had a welcome dinner and I got to meet others internees. We all stayed in the same accommodation and got to know each other really well. Each week on my course was different. I choose to spend the majority of my time doing practical work and I got placed with an education fundraising team doing an event in Nusa Dua and was given a lot of independence by the company. I spent my first week shadowing Country Manager and really got to understand what it takes to drive different stages of a project in the NGO world. I also spent time understanding financial management and planning as well as working with underprivileged children which I loved. The Direct Skills Development Diary and weekly meetings with my mentor really helped consolidate my learning and reflect on what I needed to improve as well as look at the week ahead and what I wanted to achieve. I wish I could do it all over again!
NGO Management